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X-presion: bringing R&D to hairdressing

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Formed by three young entrepreneurs from Madrid, X-presion are the first worldwide team dedicated exclusively to research and development in the artistic and educational fields of hairdressing. Marco Antonion Restrepo, Jorge Càncer and Jose Luis Almendral have now been working together for 10 years, developing new techniques through a cocktail of artistic disciplines, materials and concepts. Their creations have now earned them 70 professional magazine covers, the New York Photo Award, and they’re the youngest hairdressers to receive the AIPP Grand Trophy!
And now, they grace the Tribu-te Show stage this weekend. Hear about it from the creative themselves:
The leitmotiv of X-presion is creating techniques that can somehow benefit the hairdressing industry – creatively, from a business perspective and, especially, through education. We believe in the vital importance of development of professional skills and creativity. During our sessions we transform the conventional educational process into a passionate exhibition, that has no analogues worldwide – an impressive live presentation of our R&D work.
Every show we do is a new thing but the Tribu-te Show is the perfect place to share our latest innovation. We can not tell you much, but it will be a great fun. Mike and I we were talking for years and years …We love each other’s work, it was just a question of time and finally … You know, we love the atmosphere that involve Tribu-te Show: intimate, personal, and top hairdressers on the stage and in the audience … The perfect place to share what X-presion do to move the hair industry forward.
Want to see Marco, Jorge and Jose on stage this Sunday? Final tickets are available HERE: