STIL: the 360° approach

Posté par Sarah - -

True beauty is as much about what’s within as what we see externally – and increasingly, we’re learning how a holistic approach to wellbeing can be the most effective. STIL salon owner Christel Lundqvist is putting that 360° approach into action, launching a range of rejuvenating hair treatments for her clients, and recently hosting an evening of wellbeing and fitness for both consumer clients and press. Special guest Eve Kalinik, a nutritional therapist and Vala Noren, celebrity personal trainer, joined Christel and her team for the intimate event. Canapés created from recipes in Eve’s book, Be good to your gut were served as she spoke about how a life-long, positive attitude to eating supports the body on a deeper level. Vala emphasised the benefits of self-awareness for wellbeing when it comes to exercise, claiming that “The benefit of awareness in your body will take your results to another level”. Host, Christel completed the holistic approach to health and beauty, offering hair consultations and answering wellbeing-related questions. 
“By supporting the wellbeing and fitness aspects with hair wellbeing, advice and guidance, I believe that our clients and guests left more informed and inspired.”, Christel Lundqvist, Director STIL.
We applaud Christel for her rounded approach, and look forward to seeing it flourish throughout the industry.