Tribu-te Show London 2017

£20,00£45,00 + VAT

Tribu-te show is proud to serve the hairdressing industry and we offer this fantastic opportunity to showcase the most gifted talents. No gimmicks, just genius. Each artist is limited to presenting two models max, with themselves firmly in the spotlight. It’s your chance to witness the magic they create in a 20-minute segment. See on stage this year:

Kevin Murphy • Skyler McDonald • Hooker & Young • Trevor Sorbie art team • Xpresion

£100 seats are now SOLD OUT. 
£69 seats are now SOLD OUT. 
£45 seats offer a *slightly restricted view* of the show. 
£20 seats are situated in the balcony and offer a *restricted view* of the show. All proceeds from the sale of these seats will be donated to charity.