Paul Stafford’s Bowie-tribute show

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Re-imagining the journey of David Bowie’s life was how hairdresser Paul Stafford paid tribute to the iconic musician earlier this month. Responding to an invitation from Alfaparf Milano to present a show at the brand’s Fantastic Hairdresser Awards in Dublin this month, Paul and his Stafford Hair Art Team certainly held the attention of more than 1000-strong audience. An interesting choice of Bowie’s music – sometimes as recorded by other artists – and the portrayal of Bowie at different points in his career, as different characters, created a truly intriguing show. Bowie’s hair was often his signature style and we like how team Paul Stafford put their own interpretations on this. Browse the photographs and see if you can spot the following: Young American – circa 1975, burnt out and wasted, yet hugely successful • Young Dudes ­– twin punks, with pastel shades softening their classic choppy cut, to representing a musical revolution that crashed and smashed through glam rock at the end of the 70s • Sound and Vision – the iconic Ziggy lightning bolt as a punk-inspired afro counterpoised with Bowie’s trademark androgyny, captured by high texture and elegant beauty • Bowie as the butterfly, who cast off his demons, and emerged from the 70s fragile yet complete; his feminine side unveiled… it’s Life on Mars.