Interview with Tim Hartley

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Tim Hartley invited the Hairtribe team into his home recently to share with them an insight into his love for hairdressing. The film is fascinating, not least for giving us a peek into Tim’s gorgeous home – he really is the epitome of taste, we say! Equally, Tribu-te is proud of our strong friendship with Hairtribe and we fully applaud their mission to support and empower hairdressers everywhere with access to great education. So treat yourself to a couple of things today… First, watch this taster interview with Tim Hartley – the man who spent 30 years at Sassoon, becoming international creative director, before flying solo and delivering sublime hair education around the world. Then hop over to and sign up for their regular education films. They are the best we’ve seen. 


Have a look at where it all began: Hairtribe Education

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