Get The Look – SJP’s Golden Globe Halo Braids

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Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as discovering the celeb beauty looks as they walk down the red carpet. If you watched this year’s Golden Globe, you can’t have missed Sarah Jessica Parker’s stunning appearance – she looked absolutely fabulous in her Vera Wang off-the-shoulder dress and yet, we couldn’t stop staring at her hair! If you’re still raving about her gorgeous crown braid created by Serge Normand, then Great Lengths’ new ‘Get the Look’ video is right for you.
Watch the tutorial video below and learn how to recreate SJP’s Halo Braids in a few easy steps. You’re welcome!

Step by step tutorial:

What you’ll need

Hair straighteners
Paddle brush
Clear hair ties
Fine hair grips
Heat defence spray
I.C.O.N. Done hairspray

How to prepare the hair

  1. Use the brush to smooth hair, apply heat defence spray and straighten.
  1. Divide hair into a centre parting that begins at the front of the head and runs to the nape of the neck.
  1. Clip one side of the parting back with a styling clip. (***We may not need this)
  1. Divide the starting side into two sections and begin to create a fishtail plait. This is created by taking a small amount of hair from the outer side of one section and folding it over to the inner side of the opposite section. Repeat this on the opposite side and continue until all the hair is braided.
  1. Secure the plait tightly with a hairband. Repeat this on the opposite side.
  1. Carefully loosen both plaits by pinching each fold with forefinger and thumb to make the plait wider and give it a looser look.
  1. Spray both sides with I.C.O.N. Done hairspray to secure.
  1. Lift one braid upwards to the roof of the head, and secure with fine grips.
  1. Repeat for the other braid, ensuring the braid covers the end of the first braid.
  1. Tidy up any loose ends, and secure with I.C.O.N. Done finishing spray.