On The Edge: know the past to shape the future

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Arguably, the story of modern hairdressing starts with Sassoon. A remarkable man and creative force, Londoner Vidal Sassoon fundamentally changed the craft of hairdressing with lasting effect. In the 1960s his geometric shapes on wash and wear cuts both led a revolution in hair design, and greatly influenced the fashion world. Importantly, Vidal went on to nurture what he called a Sassoon family of hairdressers who today passionately believe in the importance of continuing to promote his legacy; keeping one foot in the past, and also one in the future. Our show ‘On the Edge’ unites on the same stage a select few hairdressers who will share their part of the Sassoon story with you. See Tim Hartley, Trevor Sorbie, John Vial, Jay Mahmood, Silvia Salerno and Neil Atkinson… Their love and respect is inspiring. This will be an evening to reignite your own enthusiasm and fire your imagination.

Know the past and shape the future has become my new mantra as an opinion forming haircutter. Vidal Sassoon and his legacy remains today the ultimate in legendary hair status and mythology for all things bold and intrepid  in the hair world. Cuts that define not only our industry but millions of men and women all over the world to be their personal best. Haircuts that engage the imagination of young hairdressers to learn the craft and ultimately lead and inspire future creatively. The future starts now join us and shape the future.” Tim Hartley

10th April 2017
Cadogan Hall,
Sloane Terrace, London SW1X 9DQ
Tickets: £100 (front section) or £50 (rear seats)

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