Beehives, bobs and blow-dries

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Beehives, Bobs and Blowdries will explore the cultural significance of hair fashion since the 1950’s. The new exhibition charts the cultural and economic shifts which have influenced iconic hairstyles for the last half decade, with archival photography, and objects from collections including those of Coty, Inc and Sassoon. Plus, a collection of wigs supplied by Banbury Postiche will be exclusively styled by celebrity hairstylist Andrew Barton. The exhibition, which debuts at the Civic in Barnsley, is a unique collaboration between curator, renowned hairstylist Andrew Barton, and leading fashion research consultant and academic Donna Bevan.  
Andrew spoke to Tribute about the upcoming exhibition, sharing that: “Throughout my hairdressing career I’ve not only been inspired by the endless possibilities to create hair imagery – transforming how my clients look and feel about their hair – but also nostalgia, and looking back at hair throughout history. That’s a constant inspiration for me. Creating the exhibition with Donna has been a synergy of passion for hair and hairdressing. And it’s been a career highlight to showcase some of my favourite images from my portfolio. I hope the exhibition will ignite the imagination of hairdressers and the public alike, and put a spotlight on the creativity of the hairdresser, and this exciting industry and profession with all its diversity.” 
The exhibition will open in Barnsley on 17 February, and run until 7 April before touring London and the country. Entry is free, and doors are open from 10am-5pm. For more information click here.
Enjoy a selection of imagery from the exhibition below.